Panoramic roof is the name given to a glass roof, either using a separate glass panel or by extending the windscreen upwards into the roof.

Panoramic roofs are usually provided with heat-reflective glass and/or blind systems to make the interior more comfortable in hot weather.


A Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle or PHEV is a hybrid which can have its batteries pre-charged using the grid electricity supply.

A petrolhead is a car enthusiast.

Petrolheads are likely to be interested in any sort of car, regardless of what powers it – the term is not restricted only to enthusiasts of petrol-powered vehicles.

Ports are the channels in a cylinder head through which gases flow into and out of the combustion chamber.

Porting is the reshaping of these channels to optimise gas flow for increased performance.

Pre-ignition is an engine fault caused by a hot spot in the combustion chamber, which ignites the air/fuel mixture before the spark.

See also detonation, pinking/pinging