27 April 2011

From www.coventry.ac.uk:

Lecturer launches automotive technology website

Coventry University lecturer Andrew Noakes has launched Cartechnical.co.uk, a new automotive technology website.

The site launched in mid-April with reports and interviews from the Shanghai motor show.

'Cartechnical champions car technology in an accessible and authoritative way,' he says. 'Cars are becoming more sophisticated every day, so there's never been a more important time to report and explain car technology.'

In addition to news reports on new technology the site includes features, interviews, road tests, guest columns from automotive engineers and researchers, and an illustrated glossary of technical jargon with hundreds of entries.

Noakes, who is the lecturer in automotive journalism in Coventry School of Art and Design, has a degree in automotive engineering and has written on car technology for numerous car magazines.

Coventry University is the only institution which teaches the full range of automotive subjects - automotive journalism, automotive design and automotive engineering.

26 April 2011

Cartechnical.co.uk editor Andrew Noakes (Subscription required)
Cartechnical.co.uk (Subscription required)
Cartechnical.co.uk launches