Guild of Motring Writers booklet So you want to be a motoring writer

Would-be motoring writers can now get expert advice on how to get started in the business from a booklet written by Cartechnical editor Andrew Noakes and published by The Guild of Motoring Writers.

So you want to be a motoring writer
is a free 16-page publication which has been produced with the assistance of Infiniti Europe. It's the perfect introduction for anyone aiming to work in automotive media, whether they're a school leaver or someone who is considering a career change.

The booklet looks at potential routes into the industry, discusses education, training and work experience options, and details the wide variety of media and disciplines available. It also includes expert advice from leading names in automotive journalism, including Autocar editor in chief Steve Cropley, Guild chairman Charlotte Blight and CAR associate editor Tim Pollard.

In addition, So you want to be a motoring writer includes information on the role of The Guild of Motoring Writers and an overview of the Guild's two annual prizes exclusively for new motoring writers: the Sir William Lyons and Phil Llewellin Awards.

So you want to be a motoring writer is available to download free from The Guild of Motoring Writers' website,