Mercedes Nanoslide technology cuts friction

Mercedes-Benz is to use the low-friction Nanoslide bore coating process, so far restricted to AMG engines, in a mainstream V6 diesel engine.

Nanoslide is a "twin-wire arc" process in which iron and carbon are vapourised by an electric arc and then sprayed onto the cylinder wall using a flow of gas. The deposited coating is then given a very smooth finish by a special honing process, leaving an almost mirror-finish surface 0.10-0.15mm thick. The surface has a low coefficient of friction and also contains tiny pores which trap oil, improving lubrication. Compared to grey cast iron cylinder liners the Nanoslide process saves around 4.3kg and offers 50% less friction.

Mercedes Nanoslide diagram

The process was first used on the 6.3-litre Mercedes-AMG V8 introduced in 2005, and since then has been used in more tha 75,000 AMG engines. Mercedes-Benz is now applying it to more mainstream engines, such as the 3.0-litre V6 diesel in the ML 350 Bluetec, which provides a 24% fuel efficiency gain over its predecessor.
Mercedes Nanoslide in production