Honda Small Sports EV Concept 2011

This is Honda's Small Sports EV concept, which leads the Japanese company's exhibits at the Tokyo motor show in December.

Honda says the two-seat, targa-roof sports car is "fun to drive while achieving excellent environmental performance." A production version is expected, though early versions are likely to use a hybrid powertrain rather than a pure electric drive system.

Honda's other Tokyo concepts are:

  • AC-X a plug-in hybrid which has an "engine drive mode" for spirited driving and an "automatic drive mode" for more relaxed driving
  • Micro Commuter Concept a small city car which can house another of the Honda concept vehicles, the tiny Motor Compo two-wheel EV
  • Motor Compo is an electric commuter two-wheeler with a battery that can be used to power other items
  • E-Canopy a three-wheel electric scooter
  • RC-E an electric sportsbike
  • Townwalker an electric mobility scooter

Honda has also announced the N Box, the first production car from the series started by the N Concept in 2009, with styling inspired by the N-series Hondas of the 1960s.

2011 Honda AC-X concept

Above: Honda AC-X plug-in hybrid concept. Below: Micro Commuter Concept.

2011 Honda Micro Commuter Concept

2011 Honda Motor Compo concept

Above: Honda Motor Compo concept. Below: N Box production car.

2012 Honda N Box