The former Honda Proving Center test track facility in California is for sale.

The site, located in Kern County, about two hours from Los Angeles, was purpose-built as a vehicle test facility. The 4000 acre site incorporates an oval track, winding roads, dirt and gravel roads, motorcross tracks and special surfaces.

The 7.5 mile oval track has three lanes and a safety zone, a full irrigation system, a warning light system, fake road signs modelled on real US signs and a perimeter road.



The winding road course is a two-lane asphalt track with a three-lane straight, built in 1993. It incorporates hills, special surfaces and a water trough.

Other facilities include motocross and supercross tracks, a 197ft diameter steering pad with sprinkler system, dirt and gravel roads, and a 1.3-mile ATV testing track.

CB Richard Ellis, which is handling the sale, say if use of the site as a vehicle test facility is not continued the area might be redeveloped as a solar power station as it is only a mile away from an existing solar farm.