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Focus Econetic is expected to return up to 80mpg and CO2 emissions under 95g/km

Andrew Noakes

Wednesday, 6 April 2011 08:57


Ford has released details of the Focus Econetic, which is expected to achieve 80mpg and CO2 emissions under 95g/km – making it more fuel efficient than any other compact vehicle in Europe.

Focus Econetic is powered by a new 105PS 1.6-litre Duratorq diesel engine. The revised injection system has eight-hole nano sac injectors controlled by a more powerful engine management system, and said to deliver more precise control and increased combustion efficiency. There is also a water-air chargecooler in place of the standard air-air intercooler.

The engine as a variable geometry turbocharger, low friction piston ring coatings, a variable-flow oil pump and low-friction engine oil, a low-inertia vacuum pump and a revised emissions control system with NOx-reducing catalyst and DPF system. A thermal management system optimises engine warm-up.

The Focus Econetic uses a new six-speed manual transmission which has been designed to reduce frictional losses and uses a low-friction transmission oil. Higher overall gearing, thanks to a revised final drive, reduces engine speed for greater fuel economy in top gear. Economy is further enhanced by fitting the latest-generation low rolling resistance tyres.

Aerodynamic development has concentrated on smoothing the airflow underneath the vehicle using additional undershields and deflectors. There are low-drag wheel covers and Ford's Active Grille Shutter, which shuts when cooling air is not required to reduce drag. The system is said to deliver a two per cent improvement in CO2 emissions.


Focus Econetic shares auto start-stop, smart charging, and 'eco' driver displays with other Focus models.

Available with either five-door or estate bodystyles, the UK-market Focus Econetics, built at Saarlouis in Germany, will go on sale early in 2012.

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