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Figures: 28 April 2011

Eye-catching stats on transmission tech and, in the wake of the Shanghai show, on the mind-boggling size of the Chinese car market


The Figures column brings you the numbers we didn't know a week ago. This week: eye-catching stats from ZF on transmission technology, and the mind-boggling numbers of the Chinese car market.

6.3 million cars were sold in China in 2010.

45% of Chinese car sales are to the country's indigenous manufacturers.

3 times as many commercial vehicles were built in China in 2010 than were built in Europe.

48% of all vehicles manufactured worldwide are made in China.

100,000 automatic transmissions are now built every year by ZF Shanghai.

410,000 automatic transmissions have been made since ZF Shanghai opened in June 2004.

6000 cars are sold annually by Zhejiang Aotung, the Audi dealer in Hangzhou. It has the largest annual sales value of any Audi dealer in the world.

ZF (China) has seen 73% growth year on year in its passenger car technology business.

A 14% improvement in fuel efficiency is possible using ZF's eight-speed automatic transmission in place of a five-speed automatic.

5-10% fuel savings can be achieved using automated manual transmissions instead of fully manual transmissions in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

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